Gear weight may need to change?

I like the idea, but I think gear weight just needs adjusting. I had pants that looke like they were leather but weighed 45 lbs. I want to play fast with daggers but in order to be quick I have to remove my chest armor and wear the noob pants and only a hat and gloves.

Knaves Tunic (looks cloth): 40 lbs
Wilding Fingers (shreded leather/cloth): 15 lbs
Wilding Pants (leather or cloth): 45 lbs
Wretched Archer Cap (looks leather): 20 lbs
Me: walking around like im in full plate.

I think either weight needs to be halved or your starting weight capacity needs to be more.

HOWEVER maybe I just got bad RNG rolls. Not sure. I might just need to be a naked rogue for now.


I agree. This was the first thing I came to say. So far, am loving the game. But I shouldn’t be punished by wearing armour… ESPECIALLY when the gear has no true category system. It should all be labeled as light, medium, heavy, etc. This is a huge gameplay balance that would be wonderful.