Weapon Slot Tabs on Items Wheel

Weapon and Offhand Switch toggles can be a little confusing if equipping multiple of the same weapon or offhand. There’s no way of knowing which one is currently in use. I find myself going into the inventory screen to see which slot is currently in use.

I suggest to add 3 tabs under the weapons and offhand icons in the main UI to easily identify which slot is currently in use. Also a stronger and deeper sound when switching weapons or offhands would be very useful.

And lastly, an option added to press button to switch only between Weapon or Offhands slots 1 and 2, and long pressing for slot 3.

I usually place my main 2 weapons on slots 1 and 2, while making slot 3 a situational weapon, but i find myself having to scroll past slot 3 to get back to my main. This would save precious seconds in the heat of battle.