Weapon runes extraction

  • runes should be extractable from unique (yellow) items

  • you should be able to remove runes from item, destroying the rune but keeping the item

currently if i get good weapon with good animations then usualy it has bad first rune which is quite limiting and vice versa you may get weapon with great first rune but bad animations, by being able to destroy the rune freeing the slot it would make gearing way better and allow us to customize our builds
also this would make unique weapons litle more viable (currently they sucks, especialy when they have 2-3 useless abilities with medicore stats)


I was litterally about to make a post about exactly this!!.

I saw the 2 handed unique (yellow) quality sword had a skill i wanted to take off it the thorny skill but when i tried to extract the rune on the sword (not just the sword i had the unique (yellow) hammer club thing in my inventory too but none of them even show up as an option to extract from.

I was wondering if that was a bug or just overlooked. Or was it an intentional game design.