Understanding if an item has a good roll


I think it would be really useful to see if an item has a good roll on it or not.

For example if a sword drops that does 10 damage, is that the minimum? is that the maximum? or somewhere in between? This could be represented by a smaller range of numbers next to the big damage number for example (7-11).

This would then make it easier to compare to your currently equipped sword/weapon so you can determine whether it is worth upgrading or not.

This should also be the case for any other stats rolled on the item and also for pieces of armour/jewellery.

Currently I have just been using the same weapon for ages because I don’t want to use up resources just to find out the item is worse and makes me not want to play the game.


can agree on this a lot of ARPGs & MMOs do this already where they show the variance of a weapon. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary but it is nice in an RNG based game and lets you make informative decisions without breaking everything.