Tools Durability

Durability System Feedback

The current implementation of durability system is far from perfect, recent changes to durability damage/repair costs are good, but more tweaking is still needed.

Tools Durability

Resource collection is an important part of the game, but this process is not fun at all, but rather annoying. For example, in Elden Ring, the player collects resources by exploring the world without any restrictions, there are no broken tools, the player simply collects resources by pressing the action key.
In both games this happens naturally during the exploration process, it can be fun, but why are you limiting the player?


  • Remove tools durability.
  • Keep current resource collection mechanics such as mining, excavation, etc.
  • Make each tool tier have unique properties/benefits, e.g. copper tools are simply slow, iron tools are faster and have a chance of dropping extra resources. It may also be randomized.

I hope that this feedback was useful!

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