Time-gated facilities upgrade? why?

Played so far only these time-gated facilities upgrade I don’t like.
I really want to know the reasons that design this long wait time.
I am not mad I just want to know why? Cuz as many as games I played I only saw these designs on mobile games.


Absolutely agree with you here. Feels like time gating in mobile games.
I also do not understand the reasoning behind this.

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Time gating needs to go asap. I will definitely not continue to play if this is a thing in a game I paid money for. If the thought process was we only have so much content at launch, I understand that decision, but it is a bad decision and needs to go.

Its just like no mobs in a zone after you kill them. I killed the mobs in zone 1 and played for 5 hours and they never respawned. Its the same kind of gating.


I agree. There is no point to wait so long for an upgrade. It ruins aspects of the game like speedruns. Idk how they came up with this idea. Probably it came from a Clash of Clans fan ahahah. Please remove it

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The thing about mobs not respawning seems to be a bug. It happened to many others.

When the fog covers back the places you’ve explored, and it doesn’t take long to happen, enemies respawn and sometimes they’re more than before or stronger (as far as I can tell from what happened to me).

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Agree 100%, this is not a mobile game or a free to play game.

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On a related note, I hate playing games where it’s night in the game. In something like Elden Ring where a unique event can happen at night, I’d advance the time to night, do the thing, and then immediately advance the time back to day again.

But there is no mechanism to change the in-game time in Wicked. Half the time, I’ll log in, see that it’s night time in the game, get frustrated, and then log out again.

If Wicked introduced mechanics where the in-game time made a difference but also let you advance the time, that would be great. There might be reasons to not advance the time—you might miss something if you do.

But if you don’t want to wait for a craft to finish? Just advance the time until it’s done.

I’d even be happy with having to pay in-game money to change the time. Just to avoid all of the waiting.

Ultimately, I’m playing Wicked far less than I’d like. Just because of (a) having to wait for a task to finish, and (b) not liking that it’s night in the game. Being forced to deal with time mechanics in this sense makes it all less enjoyable.

The game should have a time skip feature for when you are alone in a Realm, specially if they ever intend to make the Day/Night cycle meaningful by making some quests or mobs/resources depend on it.

I vaguely enjoy the idea of building taking time as a purely realism choice, but it’s about to get real absurd when Level 4 and above buildings unlock… What, are we supposed to wait a week to get a Level 5 smithy so we can melt ores faster?

The general sentiment that this feels like a mobile game feature really applies. Yeah okay, a random game on my phone, I can tap on a build feature and go do whatever else for the next day… We’re talking about a real game here, where you’re supposed to engage and enjoy the experience itself, what is the point of time gating it?