This game is unique, keep it that way!

(Sorry for my bad english)

First of all, Thank you Moon Studio for this wonferful game. Its concept, a “Souls” game with several survival elements is very refreshing and rather unique. With the will to merge a traditionnal narrative RPG game with the liberty of a souls or a zelda game you’ve created a unique experience.

I read once that one developper said “we did this game with the wish to make a game with everything we always wanted from an adventure game”

It feels exactly that way to me. The game has everything I want from an adventure video game : great exploration, great sens of liberty, amazing level design and world design with many secrets, great combat gameplay with good bosses and good difficulty, RPG and crafting elements with beautiful towns, amazing graphics, artstyle and visual quality, charming universe and intriguing characters and lore…

This game is a dream for players who loved to be immerged in a exploration game.

So what to say ? Not so much, I have no particular complaints given the fact I have the best fun of 2024 so far in this Early Access. When I say to myself it is just an Early Access I’m thrilled to see what the full game will looks like.

My only wish is that the 1.0 will keep the same spirit that this early access concerning the survival direction of the game and the balance of the difficulty. The game is not too hard or too easy, it’s really well balanced so I hope it will stay like that. I read some players are complaining about the “punishing” elements like duralibity or healings limited to crafting but in my opinion they are great choices of game design to propose a demanding experience.

Finally I hope a good endgame with hard challenge for the players who wishes to going further in the builds and gameplay.

Anyway HUGE thank you Moon Studio, you have created a futur masterpiece, it is certain. Thanks for this game.



So many of the aspects of this game get me excited for 1.0. The visuals are stunning. The art style is intriguing. The environments are fun to explore. The combat is challenging and rewarding. The beginning of the story makes me want more.

The inventory system definitely needs a few tweaks, but other than that, I can’t wait for the full release.