Great Devs, Great Game

Wow this game looks insane and all of the original ideas of this game is awesomely well detailed.

This is exactly a dream come true that you guys are doing this type of project and releasing it in early access and you are all ears open to suggestions and taking the time to answer community. Kudos for that!!

This is just pure gold in the current era of gaming we are in.

Your decision might look odd for some people, but listen to your heart and feel , you look to be synced with what people want.

On a personal note:
You literally create me a need for this type of game and I did left all my other aRPG aside since I need to build the carving for it.

Can’t wait to see the early access next week. Counting days since the announcement :sweat_smile:

Cheers and great early access launch to you guys :pinched_fingers:


I mean, I love ARPGs, but this could be just what the genre needs. A breath of fresh air, a different approach.

Nothing wrong with D4, PoE and LE; but to me, they end up being pretty similar and there’s something I’m missing, can’t quite put my finger on it yet. Hopefully this one makes an impact, fingers crossed.


I really think this game can change the ARPG scene and make it better.

Competition and rivalry is always good for any type of product , and this team just delivers all the time good product. So I think we’re in for a treat with this one.


Thank you for the kind words!

Yeah, we’ve been making this project exactly because we thought there are a lot of people out there who share the same feelings about ARPGs that we do!

It’ll be an interesting time now with everyone getting Early Access and being able to share feedback. Trust that we’ll be looking at all the feedback that you folks are reporting and will try our darndest to ensure that you folks get an amazing experience! :slight_smile:


Thank you for being so open and transparent Thomas.

I’ve watched countless interviews with devs along the years and the times I’ve seen people truly talk passionately about their game - I can still count on my fingers. No Rest for the Wicked seems to be one of those cases.

I can tell you guys don’t just want this to be a personal vision fully-realized. You want it to be something more than that, a team effort of people that love games, making a dream game and trusting other people of the same tastes to help make the ultimate formula.

This is gonna be quite the ride and I couldn’t be readier! Gonna take utmost care to provide concise feedback both as an artist and a player!