Thank you & Well done

What an experience! Loving the game, the world, the characters and the new approach you have taken in redefining the ARPG formula which has gotten stale over the years.

Doing something new and something different isn’t easy and while there may be some folks who resist, no-one ever said it was going to be easy

Over the next few days as you read the reviews and all the opinions of the players, I wanted to say thank you for what you have created. it is beautiful, refreshing and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I love that you are listening and making some changes to the games, some improvements etc etc.

Well done and i hope any negative reviews are not taken personally


I fully agree. I think good feedback is very important. Feeling like you are appreciated just gives you that extra warmth in your heart. Great game guys love everything about it. I cannot wait to see how much further this will go and seriously excellent job. I am super impressed.