Things that are hard to get along with at first

1 - Almost all games I’ve played (a/RPGs e.t.c.) use Y for Heal. It’s ok I guess to have the “open” inventory on the Crosshair keys however it’s unintuitive at first that the game isn’t about “on fly heal” but kinda need move away (perhaps have a tutorial for that ?), same with other potion managements. Also dodge, I’ve always used RT for that purpose and here I’m supposed to use a “combat-button” for purely/mostly movement ?

I guess Calibrate feature can take awhile to make it work but it’s also important to have

2 - It is totally unintuitive that there’s a shared stamina/poise bar for both movement and attacks. It is obvious when can’t move (the green circle inside), never obvious when can’t attack (very frustrating, most frustrating perhaps). I mean I think I’ve died about 50-75% of my deaths until realized THAT (I moved next to the guy after swinging 5 times, and now I can’t attack ?, consider placing 2 separate bars for this ?, it will otherwise be really bad for many I imagine)

3 - things need be more obvious (hints, tooltips, e.t.c.), bought a Sawmill, what to do with it ?, wandered around town (and outside) for like half an hour at snail pace trying to find a spot to place it. Also try increase per-stack inventory spots ?, like had to drop and pick up and drop again shrooms and herbs like 10 times (or at least make it more obvious if/where can stash ?)

Thought there was supposed to be some of my stuff at “Cerim crucible” but wasn’t there. In general try make the “must manage” things more obvious (personal cottage or stash or anything of that sorts should be shown and obvious on town/map)

4 - map edges (places where can’t jump/climb/go-around) need to be more obvious. took almost an hour to just scour the edges of Sacrament itself (and that’s because it wasn’t obvious where I can and where I can’t pass). Bridges and walls seem fine but please use different kind of indicator if a wall is too tall to climb or impassable

5 - had to turn off “automatically direct towards opponents”, it’s very bad, luckily learned to navigate my way in combat and stuff but it’s really bad that an opponent can “aggro” you even when you don’t want it. Especially in the first few seconds you can’t move laterally for whatever reason, your character is facing the “challenger” despite you trying to maneouver/navigate around an obstacle for example

Try reduce the “taunt” range from opponents maybe

6 - Quests, I get quests that I get and I complete, but what about Bounty-type and daily quests ?, cook 10 Mushroom soups, ok did that, now what, should I go to the Captain back and somehow give ?

That part isn’t obvious, should we visit NPCs back when completing a quest to get a reward or it’s done automatically ?, or no reward is given ? :person_shrugging: :smiley:

Oh and one more thing: ease up on the rain pls, especially at night when trying to scour some narrow paths and edges

Overall those are my first impressions of the game (and what I think should get better). Yes first boss fight was a bit hard but sort-of realized potions aren’t to be chugged just before death :slight_smile: