Things I miss in Sacrament

First of all, Sacrament is awesome! I love the way the buildings look and the spectacular views you can get. I love the layout of the town too, it’s very pleasing to navigate and explore. But there are some things that I personally miss in Sacrament, so I made a list:

  • The first thing I tried is opening all the doors. I love going into houses and talking to random townsfolk. Sadly I quickly realized that most of the doors aren’t actually doors but just static images. I would love to go inside all of the houses, even if there isn’t much to see in there.
  • Even though there are a few voice lines that change when you complete certain world events, most of the characters only have one to five voice lines that they repeat. In the parts of the town that you don’t visit often, this is fine. But this because a problem for areas that you do visit often. Take the town square for example, I can repeat every voice line that plays there at this point. In summary, a bigger variety of voice lines would be nice, or just making them play less often would also work for me.
  • I’d love to be able to see Danos actually work on upgrading the buildings.
  • A buy-back option from the merchants would be nice. I’m absolutely not asking for this because I’ve accidentally sold some really good gear that I tried to equip in the sell menu :sweat_smile:
  • I always love little side-quests from townsfolk that make you explore the town and run errands for them. It gives the characters so much more personality and it’s a fun way to explore the town (Think Kakariko village in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for example).

Thanks to all of the artists and engineers at Moon Studios for making this game and for being so open to feedback, it’s awesome! Can’t wait to see where the game is headed.


Completely agree, making the town more interactive and explorable would be a huge bonus especially as it’s so pretty


We already know that they’re making improvements for the full release for the feeling of renovating Sacrament. Still, can’t hurt to say i totally agree.

Would love there to be more interiors that open up. Maybe little homes that can become occupied by saving people in the world.

Perfect way to feed into their “Alive” system.


Also cats and dogs and other animals you can pet and possibly own.
I wonder where the horses mules cows etc are too btw.


And the dogs and cats need to be pettable. =P


And a chest+fire pit in the marketplace area please

No chest, but there is a fire pit just up the stairs to the left of Grinnich the general store merchant.