The way bow can be used is very limited

I really enjoy the game play, after a sword man play style, I created another character to try out the bow and dagger, only found out that the bow cannot be used with a double daggers, this setting really limit the bow use case. Please review and allow bow to be switched when aim at the left hand with double daggers.


You need to open up the second off hand weapon slot and then you can switch to bow when you want to. Also, you need a good ability to generate focus.

For my build I generate focus when mobs hit my shield. So I’ll block until my focus is built up, and then unleash my arrows.

You can also make potions and do other things too.

Which is just a dumb way to do it in general. I don’t get the constant infatuation with souls-like games not wanting bows to be viable primary weapons. There’s always some limiting factor that prevents you from just shooting your bow and dealing damage like you can with literally any other weapon. In Elden Ring it was limited ammo and the lack of damage scaling. Here it’s even worse since you literally just can’t use your bow if you don’t have focus. Casting builds seem to have the same issue, where you need focus to cast your rune spells but you can’t build focus reliably without first hitting the enemy. So if I want to play a caster, I need to run my squishy character in and melee before I can use my magic? Why?


You do realize you can make potions that give you focus right? You can be a magic user and never have to do melee. There are also items that generate Focus.

i couldn’t even figure out how to use the bow, and just went crazy with double daggers on my agility build. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

IMO the reason bows are locked behind focus generation is simply because the game would be endlessly exploitable if you could infinitely spam ranged attacks w/o needing any resource.

If you really think about it every single ranged combat option in the game is locked behind a resource of some kind. IE: Magic = Focus, Bows = Focus, Bombs = materials/gold.

Having bows need to be paired with a melee weapon or a shield to generate focus makes the combat much more engaging and in line with the way they’ve set up combat in this game. It’s a mechanic of the game that I don’t imagine is just going to go away with feedback as it’s kind of the antithesis of how combat is set up in the game.


Yeah, this is the reason bows are limited, and it should be obvious to anyone who actually thinks about it.