The PUSH then SWING attack that the level 21 axe dudes seriously needs a rework,

Hi. Leveling a new knife char (knives are weak as heck by the way. Comically weaker that strength or int). I find myself dieing to the 1,2 punch of axe dudes more than anything else in the game. More than bosses. More than the crucible. with 17 invested in health and no -health gear I get insta killed by their push attack, which is EXTREMELY fast and unless I’m far enough away or pre-rolling I get hit.

I’m not exactly new to the genre, played and beat every souls, sure there is an element of git good here, but for some playstyles (like knives) where you have to be close and have no range these dudes feel… like each one is another boss.

Make the windup longer, I’d be fine with it being an instant kill if I could at least ROLL when I see the animation start.

Also buff knives :slight_smile:

just dont greed your attacks against him and you should be fine.

attack a few times, dodge, wait for his attack, repeat.
also have a weapon with more range helps aswell

EDIT: I was testing this more and it seems to be largely an issue of leveling new characters on the same world. I was admittedly underleveled for the area, but I was not struggling with ANY other enemy (basically doing whole areas no-hit, then getting ROCKED by these dudes 'cause you can’t backstab fish them)

All of that aside, I think this is a larger issue regarding how weak knives are comparatively. If you is better weapons you can stun them, or outrange them. I’m going to do a larger post about knives later, this can be disregarded.

Agreed the push animation is very fast. Even if I’m just sitting waiting for them to swing at me, I’ll often still get hit before my roll goes off. Wouldn’t be so bad, except it’s basically a guaranteed combo with a much harder hit.

I think he’s fine. I only ever had an issue with these guys on my first playthrough when I was still learning the ropes. On my second playthrough 30 hours later (fresh start, no items), I was able to beat them easily even with my bare fists (I encountered one before I picked up a weapon).

He has a very limited move set and as long as you’re patient, not greedy with your own attacks and keep an eye on your stamina, it’s possible to avoid getting hit at all. Also, that push move only ever hits in front, so if that’s what you’re worried about, aim to attack him from the back and avoid moving within range in front of him.

To be clear - I don’t have any issues killing them either, and I’m not asking for advice on how to fight them.

Just giving feedback that, in my opinion, that specific attack comes out too fast, considering how much damage it combos into.

Alright. I agree that the attack comes out fast, although I still disagree that it should be changed since there are still ways to completely avoid getting hit by it. If there wasn’t, that’s when I think there’s an issue.