The game's opening is misleading in a bad way

I was pretty pissed my first couple hours, one of which was before the first patch. But now I’m a bit further in and I’m realizing that the game experience up to Warrick is misleading in a bad way.

The opening enemies are super tough, stamina is a major issue, gear durability is exploding left and right, you’re gonna need 30 meals to spend trying to beat Warrick, etc.

In short, the opening is harder and more frustrating than the game really is, once you get into it. Resource issues that seem like they’re going to define your entire game experience fade into the background. The story was fine but much of the rest was poorly executed. My suggestions: Most enemies should die after 2-3 hits so stamina isn’t so crippling starting out. Larger or more dangerous enemies should have their damage reduced and be easier to stagger. The guy who fixes your gear for free should be found a lot earlier than he is. And so on.

I’m having a blast now and I was pretty darn close to refunding. I’m only still here because I decided I wanted to see the first boss after hearing he was really cool. Glad I did, because this game is awesome. Some things I could still complain about but overall I’m loving it.

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