The Game has an EASY MODE (Developers Don't Nerf the Game Please)

All you have to do is create a NEW Realm.

After you beat the first Boss you will get an ICHOR, which the watcher will make a potion for you. Once you drink the potion, you get to add an extra RING, which instantly makes you more powerful.

You then create a NEW Realm and do it again, and you get another ICHOR, and again you can get another ring spot open, giving you 3 rings to equip at once.

After that, you can do it again, and get inventory upgrades to all of you inventory. You can also upgrade your main hand, off hand, and tools.

While doing this, you can farm the first area for Chests, Dig Sites, and Mining Sites as long as you want to, while being way over powered for the area.

This information is becoming more prevalent, but I see a lot of people still having a hard time and wanting the developers to NERF everything. And, it looks like the developers are actually nerfing stuff. This is a big no no. People expect these types of games to offer challenges and when you nerf everything in to the ground, the game will die.

Like many of you I just want to chill, kill enemies and have fun. And, making a NEW REALM will let anyone who chooses to have an EASY MODE, have an EASY MODE.

I spent like 10 hours in the stating area, just exploring everything, leveling up, and fitting my character with runes and gems. If I look at an enemy it dies now.

Then I started moving to the next area in the game, and everything was doable for me, unlike when I just got to Sacrament the first time without using New Realms.

TLDR: The game doesn’t need to be nerfed, it already has an EASY Mode, and it’s called, just make a NEW REALM and farm ICHOR from the first boss until you are ready to move on. Just posting this in Feedback and Suggestions so anyone struggling can see how to move forward and make the game easier.

I’m just posting this to help people that are struggling and to help reserve the game from getting review bombed with negative reviews. If the game keeps getting negative reviews then the game is going to suffer and the Developers will not be able to realize their vision for the game. You can’t keep developing a game with no money coming in. Go look on the Steam Forums and see how many people are upset and leaving negative reviews. So, lets educate everyone that is struggling and help them enjoy the game better, and that way, we all get what we want :slight_smile:


First, you forgot that after you beat the first boss, you can also pick up the weekly for killing the mob in the War Room and effectively get 2 Ichor per reset…

Secondly, how does obtaining Ichor make the game ‘Easier’ after the ring slots are opened? The rest of the Ichor is simply used for Inventory space, that not’s really ‘Easier’, just less annoying as you do less running between a campfire and gathering spots.

Does nothing to ease difficulty level, especially if you cleared the campaign and the mobs out level you 3-8 levels?

It has another easy mode.
Just farm until you find a Claymore and a weapon that has the throw rune.
The blacksmith sells the axe that have that.
Upgrade the claymore and apply the throw rune in it. It’s broken but so fun to throw it.
Enjoy the easy mode.

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If anything the game needs to be harder for my taste :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Ok, nice. I didn’t know you could get Ichor from the War Room :slight_smile:

The game is easier if you can equip 3 rings, and the totality of just staying in the starting area until you are ready to move on is helpful for people struggling.

The mobs don’t out level you when you start over on a new realm with your over leveled character. I go back to farm and just destroy anything that looks at me. It’s actually a lot of fun and makes farming and looking for any secrets enjoyable.

Yes, I agree, but we don’t want people to get upset and quit and leave negative reviews, which is what is happening now. If the game goes to Negative then it will not make as much money. There is a fine line, and it would be helpful to help out those that are struggling. Which is the whole point of my post.

+1 Heart :slight_smile:

Had no clue about that either. Hopefully they will do a lot of rebalancing from now until actual launch. Definitely going to give that a go :slight_smile: +1 Heart.