Temporarily allow rune swapping without destroying

Until all interaction bugs, animations, hit boxes etc with combining some runes with some weapons are mostly if not completely solved
Until there is a rune description that gives you some idea of what it does
Until there is a proper test dummy
Until there is a way to equip a weapon that you don’t meet the stats for just so you can try the moveset and runes it has
Until we have the ability to remap rune button slots (nice to have)

PLEASE give us the ability to swap runes on weapons at some cost without destroying, take the function away later once everything is ironed out.

It sucks so bad having to craft low level weapons just to test something or worse putting a rune you thought you liked on an upgraded tier 3 weapon with good rolls only to find out it’s a two handed GS rune that doesn’t work correctly on a two handed axe or whatever the issue is.