At least overwriting runes

if you insist on destroying weapons for taking out runes, at least let us overwrite existing runes so when we finally found a weapon we like after 40 hours and 10 hours later we find a rune we like but we already have 2 runes in that item we don’t have to farm for another 40 hours to find another item like that to use the rune with? :smiley:


I think this would be good, even if it destroys the existing rune. Would be a nice QoL improvment.


Yes I think this is needed, playing as a mage I have almost no control on what spells I can use, the vendor sells a tier 3 staf with the 4 spells already socketed so you can’t change anything and even if you get an staff usually have at least 2 runes already set…

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being able to shuffle the runes already assigned in order to select which button you use to cast them would Also help a lot


Yeah I agree - permanent runes that can’t be over-written is a drag.

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I think some weapons having a lock on their abilities is fine, but if it starts with 1 or 2 and then they’re locked when you add one feels bad. I have a weapon I still love from early game but I added the… outright wack focus aura hoping it would give me more focus regen but it’s 100 focus to… get 100 total focus for 60 seconds.

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sure unique weapons should stay as they are. but for all the other weapons the drop rates/ways to aquire specific weapons are just toooo small for this system to be so restrictive.


yeah haha, I did this last night and ruined my staff, as there is ZERO description on the runes…

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Destroy the rune but over write it with the new one would be a great option in my opinion.