Sword damage lower than comparable dagger

Just watched some more gameplay with the dagger and while i see the back stab using sword i dont understand why while having 1h sword equipped without a shield and we sneak backstab the damage is lower when comparable to dagger, sword is more deadly weapon so it should deal more damage in this situation than a smaller dagger.

That’s a not uncommon mechanic seen in a lot of games: swords usually have better reach and higher base damage, where daggers are faster and have a higher crit modifier for things like backstab. It helps balance the weapons so they each have their appeal.


Exactly right! :slight_smile:

Also, we’re still tuning everything, so things might still change a bit!


Yeah, but originaly crit modifier for daggers come from sneak attack from the shadow while here (and in many other examples which for me feels inconsistent) it also have higher damage in open fight and also while backstab which can also be done with sword and this situation after penetrating enemy body should do bigger damage than dagger cause of its size.
I know it must have appeal but the quick attacks with less stamina costs should be enough to not be inconsistent.
I know this is in a lot of games and i think this go a little too far to make it competitive to other weapons.
Imagine, sword vs dagger fight, where sword can easily chop the arm while dagger can only thrust into hand so clearly in open fight dagger is worse, less damage while in various games where is dagger and sword sword never chop the arm from swing while dagger do more damage from a one swing. Daggers are only superior in suprise attack cause enemy is not expecting the jab.

But ok, that’s only me who always want a game where they just put the dagger in place, it was always immersion breaking for me.

I noticed dual-wield dagger do less than daggers, also gain less focus.