Suggestions on how to double down on the roguelike aspect of the crucible

right now people do not like going through the rooms till the boss so instead of removing them how about doubling down on it to make the rooms more fun?

we can start by making the mobs in the rooms more tough in terms of health and damage the further you go down the rooms, while keeping the boss the same. this will give players a feel on how tough the boss is gonna be because right now it’s a big whiplash for players when they reach the boss creating confusion.

as for the things to make it fun here are some suggestions:

  1. add different paths: if you reach the end of a room you should open up a map and give players the choice on where to go, the choice might also close a path for other rooms adding strategy on where you go, each room has a symbol representing the room type, the room types can be things like:
  • treasure room: run around on a time limit and get as many loot goblins as you can!!! has a chance to spawn a dangerous goblin king that grants the player multiple effects for the run upon defeat (more on that later)

  • boss room: fight a dangerous boss close to the strength of the final boss
    and as reward give the player some good loot and a effect that lasts the
    whole run to make the run easier (more on that later).

  • mob room: basicly as you expect a normal room with mobs that is there already

  • mob survival room: a survival room where you have to kill alot of mobs and survive till the time limit runs out. (get 2 effects upon completion)

  • puzzle room: have the player solve a riddle or puzzle (puzzles can be anything from platforming puzzles on a time limit to beating a enemy in chess and dying when losing)

  • boss RUSH room: basicly a gauntlet of bosses in a row amount can vary (3 max) which gives better rewards and gives players 2 effects to choose from to make his run easier

note: if you dont like one of the rooms don’t worry these are just suggestions, feel free to add your own room path suggestions in the comments.

  1. roguelike effects:
    in every roguelike like hades for example you can get effects that drasticly changes your playstyle as you get through. the effects can be things like faster move speed to more damage. or conditional effects like survive a fatal blow with 1 hp on a 20 second cooldown.

every room you clear should give the player 1 effect out of 3 that they can choose (the 3 effects are randomized)

it should also link nicely with my first suggestion

  1. add a survivor mode: where your character starts of naked and has to rely on gear dropped from mobs to survive the run.

things that should be exclusive to that mode:

  • leveling is way faster and player get to choose to put their stats.
  • the run is double the length (gives enough time to gear up and level up)
  • exclusive path room (look at first suggestion to know what i mean) like a marketplace room where the player cna upgrade, buy potions, food, etc.
    and also unique bosses exclusive to the boss room.
  • a unique currency only obtainable for beating the run at hardcore where you can buy exclusive things from a npc outside the crucible.
  1. add unlockable permanent bonuses for future runs:
    add a way to unlock bonuses to make your future runs on that specific statue of the crucible easier.

hades is a good example: you get a currency and you choose to spend it on upgrading permanent bonuses

this should give players a sense of progression each time they die it should not be as strong as the effects you can get from clearing rooms tho.

that’s all the suggestions i can think off, i think this is a much better option than just removing the rooms althogheter.

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