[SUGGESTION] Crafting UI clarity


As someone who loves crafting systems… and loving this game so far, I found using the interface for crafting systems like the furnace, for example, to be in need of more visual queues for ease of use.

Please see two quick UI improvement samples as to a few elements that could improve quality of life on these screens.

Thanks for making this beautiful game :metal:t5:


yes! switching panels with a button press would be awesome. have my vote!

These inactive panel works when you put materials in them. It also has a timer.

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yes, i am aware, but you can’t switch to them by pressing R1 for example. you need to scroll through.

with mouse simply click, but with controller its a pain

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Yeah, it’s all working for me mechanically speaking, but visually, it’s currently quite dark. As @Chemile0n mentioned, on the controller, players have to either use a thumbstick or D-pad around each square within this interface to navigate from panel to panel. The key for switching panels is focused on the user experience, and the stroke and stroke/fill addition to each panel is focused on usability/accessibility.

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Yeah, I understand. is there a way to cancel, once you put item on the furnace?

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Ahhh! That could be a helpful thing to add as well.

I routinely forget that I need to save a few ores for building projects when I return to town and fill the furnace. lol

just take it out by re-clicking on it on the right-side

Doesnt work…!! ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Thanks! Will try this next time I play.