Steam deck experience

I have 8h into the game and the game works wonderful on the original steam deck. I have 0 issues so far, text is readable, no problem with controls. It plays in the range of 50 to 60 fps with a few drops arpund 40 when there are a lot of things happening on the screen but overall the experience is perfect. Game looks beautiful, i can only imagine how much better it looks on the OLED version.


Can you share the settings you used on the game and also deck settings?

  1. What UMA buffer size do you use?
  2. Do you use cryo utilities?
  3. What compatibility do you use?
  4. Tdp limit? Gpu clock?
  5. What SteamOS version do you use?
  6. Do you use any plug-in from deckyloader?

No matter how much setting I tried, even on patch 3. The performance is still so bad.
I always get 30-40, often drop to below 20.

And even after if I played for a long time, the game is getting worse fps


I imagine He’s gushing out of love for the experience. I am also getting the same performance that you are and I imagine he is too. Unless he has some magic settings that nobody else knows about, the current HotFix (HotFix 4) is smooth enough to play, but it crashes fairly consistently and still has serious fps issues thought most of the game. It’s still fun as heck though and I find myself looking forward to hotfixes more and more.


Yeah I’ve had my steam deck freeze requiring a reboot three times this morning.

  1. When logging in for the first time
  2. After dying and attempting to revive
  3. Entering the inn

Very frustrating. The performance is still pretty poor but it’s playable. Wish it didn’t lock up my entire steam deck though.


what? there is hotfix 4 already…?

Hello, sorry for the late response but im at work.

  1. Buffer is 4GB
  2. Ye i use the latest
  3. Default compatibility, nothing forced
  4. No limit
  5. Latest from the stable channel.
  6. No, no plugins are used regarding the game.

Here are the settings, I’m too lazy to write them down :sweat_smile:

I have 0 issues regarding that. Tbh my inn isn’t upgraded yet so i cant tell about that.

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What temps are you running? I haven’t crashed even once, the only issue i got was a 30sec freez but thay was even before Hotfix 1. What’s your buffer size?

I think you can rid yourself of lockups/crashes if you change your VRAM buffer size to 4Gb and run cryo utilities. I get a stable 30fps without dynamic resolution, dipping to mid-20s in some areas, but that’s only occasionally. Not one crash in 15 hours play.
I was able to bounce into mid 40s with no frame limit, but the frame time was all over the place and I’d rather suffer a consistent 30 than an erratic 40.


After the hotfix last night, I tried playing on Deck as well. I have an OLED.

That said, I also had several freezes and crashes last night while playing. There were periods of time where it would run great at a nearly locked 30 fps. All my crashes happened in the Nameless Pass as I was trying to complete a bounty there (never was able to because the mobs I needed to kill were nowhere to be found).

My running theory for the crashes I’ve experienced is that Dynamic Resolution scaling is trying to change dynamically while in combat as particle, smoke and water effects are on screen.

As an example, I was fighting one of the smoke bomb enemies in the quarry in an area where there was some water on the ground. I have dual wielding ice swords. He dropped his bomb and I jump attacked him, which brought him low and upon my next attack I killed him. This initiated the freeze kill animation and some ragdolling of the enemy while both of us were within one of his purple smoke bombs, and boom, hard lock. I’ve had a couple other similar situations to this example.

I wonder if my crash logs on deck are going to the devs or if there is a better way to share logs with them for deck improvements. It really is very close to being super stable for me, and it feels so at home to play on deck.

In the mean time, I’ll just stream it from my PC to get better stability and longer battery life.

my steam deck freezed when I launched the game - my steam deck is 64gb lcd

can you tell me which location is that?

I’ve tried your settings, but never reach 50 FPS.

do you also undervolt the deck?

I really have no clue how you could even able to reach 50 FPS.

you even turn on the motion blur too

That was in the Potion Seller, this one is at the Black Smith, 44-45 fps with a dip to 40 while running.

Thia is at the other vendors. In the city, the general fps are around 42-45. A few dips to 38 when moving in some areas.

Do you have cryoutilities installed? As well the UMA buffer set to 4GB

I am having similar performance as you on the deck oled.

Mine took a while to load when first launched. Once it did I changed settings to performance preset with a target of 45 FPS and it resolved a lot of the issues. This was at launch.

Since then the patches have really improved performance and I was down to a single crash instead of multiple. I also play for pretty long periods docked and on a TV.

The crashes don’t even hit the desktop, just black screen of death and force a hard reboot.

In any case I have the 512 GB LCD model

Biggest improvement i’ve had on deck is disabling “dynamic resolution scaling”.

Still a few crashes, but that seems to be a big one that trips it up.

I’ve also noticed that for the crashes, there’s either a whole bunch of particle effects that happen at once and crash it immediately, or there is a slow build up of choppiness for like 10 seconds that precedes a crash.