Stagger in smaller mobs

I find myself almost always trading hits with character (which isn’t something uncommon in a Arpg).
The thing is… sometimes i just want to stagger an enemie during a combo, but most fight end up being… dodge dodge 1 attack and repeat.

I understand i am supossed to combo my enemie when he is downed or after i parried.

But some enemies like the sewer creatures, wolfs, smaller dudes should get more staggered i think.
Right now going for BIG weapons seems like the best option because of this … “one hit at a time style”.
Just my thoughts for now, but the COMBAT is very good… i was just wondering if staggering smaller mobs shouldn’t be easier.


Yeah, absolutely. Fighting a bunch of snakes and not staggering them even a little bit with my attacks felt very awkward and ridiculous, there needs to be at least some sorta hierarchy or something