Enemy Staggering

The way the current stagger system works is just not fun especially when T2 enemies start spawning. Enemies can stagger you in 1 hit but I have do a 3 hit combo to stagger them and I am seemingly not doing any poise damage despite using a big hammer weapon and because of this the minimal poise damage I do doesn’t stick around for long enough to have any effect on the fight and what’s worse you can’t even stagger the smaller enemies without the 3 hit combo, I can’t stagger a leech or a wolf with a hammer type weapon but they stagger me it just doesn’t seem right.
I’d suggest changing the amount of hits it takes to stagger an enemy depending on the weapon class and tweaking the amount of moves it takes to stagger an enemy with said weapon or making it so the player has the same stagger properties as the enemy if they hit a 3 move combo the player is staggered otherwise it’s just not balanced.
It just get’s boring doing 1 hit then dodging away I want to have a sustained fight not a dodge fest