Saving a guy from prison cell in quarry

So when you go through quarry, there’s a prison cell section where you can free an NPC. Once you set him free using a guard key his dialugue suggests that he’s some sort of merchant (more like illicit goods dealer) and supposed to appear somewhere in the city. But I can’t seem to find him there. Any tips?

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I found him and have bought some of his items.

His shop is near the very top of the city, where all those priests stood at one point. Under the stairs to the left of that area. There is a door and a sign, telling you he will be there, saturday from x - 12 clock or something.

He was selling some of the good tier III gear pieces you would see enemies drop. And some other stuff, I was not mega impressed.


Thanks for letting me know! Just confirmed the spot. It also says he might be around randomly other times? I’m curious if he gets an icon on the minimap like the other vendors.

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