Sacrament Renovation Needs More Visual Changes

One of my favorite gaming experiences was coming across the villa in Assassin’s Creed 2 for the first time and slowly changing it from a miserable, dark and empty place to a bustling city.

Beyond upgrading individual buildings like shops , your overall progress was heightened by noticeable changes in the city’s ambience. The sky cleared up. More citizens of wealth showing up. Vines being cleared, gardens being filled, and even the music changing.

Sacrament comes the closest I’ve seen to capturing that feeling, but I hope that as EA progresses into the final version, we can see some more substantial changes being incorporated into the city progression beyond individual renovations.

Would love to see more instances of rubble being cleared, more lanterns and torches being lit, more interior and doors opening up, more citizens walking about.

Thanks to all the devs for crafting an incredible HUB environment to start with.

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