Sacrament enchantment store and elevator missing after final upgrade

I was in the process of upgrading both the enchantment shop to it’s final upgrade and the rookery elevator when I had last exited the game. Upon returning to the game, both of the projects were completed, but the enchantment shop is missing now, and the rookery elevator never appeared. I believe I did the same process for the smith’s shop (also for its final upgrade), but I had no issues with that upgrade.

Since this is a new account, I am only allowed to add one embedded media item to this post. Below is a picture of the missing enchantment shop.

Below are the DxDiag, Player.log, and Plater-prev.log

She now has the building north of the smithy :slight_smile:

Unsure about the rookery elevator.

Ah thank you so much! Below is a picture of the rookery elevator. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s supposed to be here

Wait never mind, I’m dumb. I upgraded the gallows, not the elevator. I think everything on this post has been resolved.