Rune System Feedback and a Few Extra Notes

Greetings, No Rest Team!

I wanted to provide some quick feedback on the Rune system. I have made it to Sacrament and unlocked the system. I realize it’s early access, but we need a description of the Rune skills/spells so we can better understand what they do and if they are what we want/need for our character builds. Also, I would suggest that the Rune system be modified to either allow Rune switching or at least Rune replacement (with the old slotted Rune being destroyed and replaced with the new Rune). Being unable to remove a Rune without destroying a weapon is a waste of time for the player leading to unnecessary grinding for multiple copies of the same weapon early on as players learn what the Runes do and which will work best. Slotting a Rune only to find it isn’t what you envisioned/wanted/needed is frustrating, and not being able to amend that choice is beyond frustrating.

Additionally, I would recommend a higher stack count for harvested materials to help address carry capacity issues. Unlocking additional bag space is fine, and the amount of spaces available is a design choice that could be argued either way, but having larger stacks would be great and advisable. I was capped out on space prior to getting to Sacrament, so there were a lot of resources being left behind…a waste of the player’s time. As a side note, resource gathering time was also a bit slow…I’m guessing/hoping it gets faster with better tools, but it was still a bit too slow early on for my preferences in a game like this.

There are a lot of great things about the game (i.e., graphics/artwork, combat, weapon options, exploration, level design), and overall I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I’m looking forward to completing the current content, and I know the game will only improve from here on out. Thank you for all the great work you’ve put into No Rest, and I wish you all the best moving forward!