Removing The Plant from cooking Recipes

I love the game but the food recipes don’t make sense to me.
I can use the default mushroom recipe to heal my HP and ignore
the others till I need The Fish one that gives 50 HP instead of 30
but picking up Rat Meat and Crab Legs and Fish when ALL of them need Artemisia Herb lets me ignore quite a few and just use one.

I suggest removing the plant so that players can actually use all the crab legs and rat meat they pick up to heal themselves.

Unless needing the herb for every food is part of the lore or increase the Herb Spawns because theres more mushrooms, rat meat and crab legs then Herbs so you are just wasting time picking them up.

I feel this will be a great change for the players.

A lot of people are crying about the non combat gameplay but its your vision and 70 % of players on steam love it including me.

Stick to the dream and the players that don’t rush it will stick with you forever ; ]

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Hmm i honestly feel is a very early game issue, they are like everywhere, plus a few little farms where you can easily grab a ton of em, maybe make it so you get more than just 1 earlier in game?

should prob be the same for trees, to get at least 2 mats from mining and cutting down trees

It’s also not really immersive in my eyes: who makes mushroom soup with an entire plant branch in it?
1 plant should easily give you enough greens for 5 family sized pots of soup.

If you think otherwise, I think you should consider seeing a dietician :sweat_smile:

While maybe true, this is practically optimizing for Steam refunds and casual players leaving negative reviews on Steam.

They have to make a decision: do they think that sticking with their current implementation of providing such little healing in the early game is worth the lost revenue and negative reviews?

As a business owner myself, I wouldn’t. But perhaps Thomas has another view, which is his right :+1:

I think that relying on a single herb is not a good idea. There are other herbs for cooking that you pick up later but I have no recipes for them. I think it would be good to add more spawn points or collection numbers to even this out.

Regardless its pretty easy to have 40 to 60 Meat and Mushroom Curry on hand for me and I ignore the lower healing recipes since I often have to heal more than 32 hp and 50 is about right for me with all of my healing boosting enchants.

Yes. I can buy those plants from the cook now for very cheap but that doesn’t change the issue early game.

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I suspect they added the plant to all recipes so they have an easy way to control how much healing is available in an area.

I agree it is annoying. Personally, I find the resource gathering aspects of the game to be quite boring, and wish they were a much smaller part of the game.