Refunded at 6hrs

Didn’t even reach Sacrament.

Character constantly just standing there not attacking, blocking or parrying even though buttons were used.

On release day got stuck on beach, couldn’t even save blacksmith because all my rags and daggers were broken. Didn’t find anything else to wear or use. Ended up cheesing mobs through the doorway near the first bonfire where they wouldn’t chase me…

After 2nd patch combat still the same. Character won’t attack after using block. Just stands there. Dying constantly. Dying to falling all the time.

I was really excited for this game. Pretty sad.

tldr; combat sucks, too hard. I refunded.

This doesn’t sound like a combat development issue, but some kind of bug if your character isn’t moving and won’t attack. Very odd and not the vast majority of players’ experiences. Were you playing on controller or M&K?


This is not in line with anything I’ve experienced. Are you sure it isn’t a controller issue?

The controls work very well.

You do know about stamina, right? Wondering if you were trying to do actions while being out of stamina, because I haven’t experienced anything similar in my game.