Recent rune skill/weapon showcases. Disappointed?

Recently there have been videos on YouTube displaying all the current weapons and active runes and spells.

The runes look great, seem interchangeable., and allow for a unique crafting of weapons (outside of the runes that chain 3 hits, and then a completely separate rune does does the same thing but chains 4 hits).

As a point, the game desperately need improved tooltips on more that just the base attributes. Not having descriptions for runes that destroy weapons when extracted doesn’t add to the mystery and exploration, it just feels bad and anti fun investing into something that may be terrible or not function how you want it to based on title.

Weapons’ have a focus generating icon as indicated by the focus symbol, but my straight sword certainly isn’t generating 68 focus per hit, so what on earth does the 68 mean next to the focus symbol?

But its the weapon showcase that has me slightly disappointed and I’m curious of everyone else’s thoughts?

It seems like every weapon type in the game has a weapon with every stat scaling type in the game, ie str/in, int. int/dex/ int/fai, fai, etc.

I cant decide if this hurts build identity or is a positive in player build freedom. Sure, axes seem to mostly be represented by Str, staves are mostly int. But with the current item rarity system and scaling it seems like picking a “build” is really just you picking what weapon looks coolest and then grinding for fashion. or you’re building towards a specific legendary weapon; but why would you when you can strip every rune and essentially make a “unique” legendary on any copy paste weapon. I suppose because you lose the added enchantments alongside having 4 rune slots?

This overall infinite freedom just seems to strip “build” identity, and it seems because you can upgrade any weapon from base to top tier, with only some weapons natively dropping at a top tier, you’re just hunting for fashion and not mechanics or playstyle.

Lastly, if you choose a hybrid build, you’re drastically Nerfing yourself at the same time! Str/Int build? Sure, you can equip that great sword with a 42 Str requirement that only scales with str, and its damage will be terrible since you have 30+ points in int not doing anything. So you better like the aesthetic of the Str/Int great swords and the one str/int staff.

It just seems so odd to have certain aesthetics of weapons’ “locked” because of outrageous stat requirements like 114 str/114 int needed to equip them (unless those are just placeholder values for the early access). If any class can essentially use any weapon (so long as they find it), and any weapon can be upgraded… what makes the weapons’ that require insanely high equip requirements any better? it totally dissolves the identity of those weapons.

I definitely feel that weapons having attribute requirements looked good on paper, but they definitely don’t feel good in gameplay.

They should just level restrict weapons the same as armor. Since they already scale in damage with attributes, they will be weaker if they don’t have support from attributes. There is no reason to restrict the ability to even use them if you just wanted to test the animations and see which supported your playstyle/build the best before committing attributes.

I shouldn’t have to make multiple characters and level them up to access 42 attribute requirement weapons just to see if I like them. I realize they are probably the same as the T1 and T2 versions which have lower requirements, but playing with certain weapons in T3 areas is something you have to try out to feel for yourself.