PS Controller on Steam

I am using a dual shock ps4 controller playing through Steam. The game gives prompts for me to press Xbox buttons. I tried for over an hour to configure this correctly.

Tried to disable Steam input from the general tab, tried to disable it for the game specifically, one of two things happens. Either it recognizes my controller as an xbox controller, or the game only allows me to use a keyboard mouse.

Walkin away. If this thread gets responses that can fix the issue, I’ll try it out… but the discord people are saying this is just a thing that we have to get used to.

Dude. I’ve played PS since 1996. Prior to that, I mapped super nintendo ABXY. I’m not going to learn how to map my brain to xbox controller inputs. Colossally frustrating.

If I thought I could get anywhere with it, I’d ask for a refund, cuz this has been the biggest letdown for a game in decades.


Far too many developers these days ignore the fact that there are more controllers out there than the X-box. In fact not supporting the most common and most sold HW is beyond me. It’s also a Steam issue. However the developers can simply just add an option to use either layout. And thus please a larger crowd of fans. Both X-box AND PlayStation buttons layout should be a standard.

Yeah Same here My old Xbox controller for pc is dead and now im playing with my ps4 controller and it is super anoying that you cant change the controller button prompts layout.

Please Implement the right icons for the Playstation controller user.

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I have the same issue with all my Steam’s controllers (playstation based), I have only PS layout controllers but as the current stage of early access I will say to have a little bit patience, for sure playstation layout for controllers will be added.

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I’m going to push back a little bit on the idea that learning the Xbox buttons is a major imposition on your time and energies:

X is run/dodge. Square is attack. Triangle is ‘use.’ That’s it- every single time. You got this.

‘O’ is only occasionally used for runic attacks, mapped conveniently onto a diamond with a striking resemblance to the four face button positions.

Look, I’m a Playstation guy too, and sure, I prefer when the PS face buttons are mapped. Very frequently however, Xbox is what you get by default on PC games. It’s not at all surprising that you can’t show PSX 5 days into EA, and I assure you that it will be muscle memory in no time.

I don’t want to come off as rude for disagreeing with you but you’re kinda wrong.
I get that some people have it easier than others to adapt to the controls than others when UI says something else (A)=(X), (B)=(O) but not everyone. I’ve seen moders add PlayStation button layout within 2h of a release on Steam community for some games.
I strongly believe that Moon Studios are trying with all their power and will, to please the masses right now because A LOT of feedback are coming their way right now and not all seem to understand, that this is early access and not a full release. However, in my opinion (and only that) I think it’s a big blunder and/or laziness for ANY developer these days to not include both layouts. It’s 2024. Come on.
I’d even go as far to say, ALL the games on Steam or any other platform for that matter should include Both PS and XBOX per default. Unless it’s MS-Exclusive, then meh.

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That is the point that bugs me. They don’t even implement a option to use a PS layout. It’s beyond me.

But Moon Studios already said, right now it’s only X-Box controls. I assume the will add a option to get the PS layout.