PlayStation controller support with icons

Says fully supports PlayStation DualSense yet shows Xbox icons - fix.


I’m having the same problem here.

Same here. Steam says you can play with daulsense, then put in de buttonmapping plz.

I agree with the others.

It is mostly problematic in the beginning when learning the controlls.
Later in the game it just doesn’t feel right when it says Pressy Y when getting close to soemthing =(

EDIT: I have had problems with this later in game to now. Accidently deleting daily missions when I was trying to finish them =(

YES please. Add Playstation controller on-screen promps. For pC.

Well, support for the controller itself is there BUT YES, as always the game shows you ONLY the Xbox icons, like almost every other game in Steam does, sadly.

And it’s like the easiest thing to add in the game.
Just another set of icons… Please, guys.

Thank you all for the report.