PS Controller - refund?

Is there a plan to address this:

Controls - Current UI will only display Xbox buttons for controller bindings. Keyboard and mouse will show correct bindings. (updated)


Bought the game and this feature makes a game literally unplayable for me. I’m happy to wait, if someone from the team at LEAST says they’re going to address this. Game looks good, but after a night of trying to figure this out, I am at my wits end.

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FYI - The only displaying Xbox controls is in the known issues and I believe that they will implement Playstation mapping by release. Not sure if it will happen sooner.

In general most PC games only show Xbox buttons, this is normal as they are both Microsoft devices - however a few select games that are on PlayStation will show those buttons, but I mean, it’s only a few…

It’s time this “X-box-button-mapping-only” trend goes to bed, dies and gets buried for good. Simply have both layouts and let people choose

Thank you! Yeah the known issues is where I copy pasted the body of the problem in my post.

Do you have any idea on why you think that it’s planned for release? I’d love to see some evidence for that.

@Pepehands Dude. Agreed. I’ll bring the shovel.

It blows my MIND that this kind of thing is ignored on the UIUX team or person, even for the indie dev space…

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This is simply not true. In fact, most new games ships with DirectInput native support. This is why you will find so many posts about the lack of supprt on these forums - people are surprised it’s not there. Playstation has dominated the console market - it’s the controller most people have.

Cry about there being no PS buttons on PC, a microsoft machine more.

Well yeah… the game literally asks you to pick up a controller when you start the game, listing DS-controllers as options, which is what this thread is about. No need to be toxic or childish if you can’t be constructive.

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