Please make Discord Forums

You guys are missing out on a lot of feedback, suggestions, and the discussions by having players first go to discord, then come here, then create an account, and then create posts to which many will not be inclined to keep checking.

If this was in Discord, it will be nearly always accessible.

Highly highly recommend to have Discord forums for feedback and suggestions as well.


Seconding this.

It was pretty frustrating to see the game’s Discord link to this forum, and I was this close to not even bothering. Speaking as a user for your product who works as a software developer: the transition from Discord to forum is too high of a barrier to put in the way of gathering feedback.

100% right, maybe their team is big enough, but i had a good time exchanging with people on darkest dungeon 2 discord feedback section, plus u can easily see how many likes the suggestion / feedback then receive.

The only reason i ended up in here is because i really LOVED that game.

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As much as I always love more traditional forums as I grew up around them, I have to agree that I think Discord Forums would be the better path to go. They can still add tags, and I think a lot larger portion of the community is on Discord than here.

Throw in a Discord bot that could help with managing them, and it would probably even become a better experience than the forums!


Idk… I hear ya, they could reach more people but if someone feels strongly about something isn’t it worth doing right?

When we all pool our feedback in the space they’ve provided I imagine it helps them sort through it much easier here than in discord.

I would also prefer to just have the feedback/suggestions etc in the discord. The forum is a little awkward to use too.

severalenth this because I do think it’s necessary even if it can’t be as polished as the official forum