Bug/Feedback menu ingame

There should be ingame bug and feedback menu. So you could always post a bug/feedback when you see them. Should be simple and would give a lot more feedback to devs imo.

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Second playthrough. Found a bugged chest in orbin glades. Never opens. Have tryed several time’s since yesterday. The chest simply doesnt work.

Like many players, I use Geforce Now to play “No Rest for the Wicked”. With the current procedure for bug reports, it is not possible for me to give feedback because I do not have folder access in Geforce Now.

So yes, an early implementation of an in-game bug report system would make a lot of things easier.

Would love this feature. Last epoch had it and it seemed helpful since the known issues list was very inline with in game experience.

Speaking of forced game termination, I didn’t have one, and by the way, when an error/termination occurs, a window should pop up to send a report. If there is no such thing now, a window could be added.

I know games where sending feedback/bugs is also implemented with one button or through the menu.
The forum is more suitable in this case, since here I can write long messages and not worry that they won’t get through if I send them through the form in the game. Also on the forum I can immediately insert a screenshot from the game, but to do this in the game I need to upload the photo to some file hosting service and copy the link.
It is clear that not everyone is comfortable writing long posts somewhere and then pasting them on the forum, but what if the in-game form will be the right posts in negativity and spam, what to do with such unscrupulous players? Honestly, I trust the forum or Steam discussions more than the in-game form.