Performance and graphics feedback

laptop hardware:
CPU: i9-13900HX
GPU: RTX 4060 Mobile
disk: SSD

1.Still have frame stucked frequently (sometimes worse) when travelling though areas after patch 3. The game is installed on SSD and my laptop has a nice CPU. Maybe the streaming function need a further opimization.
2.Noticed some plants in sacrament are blinking.
3. Animation resolution of some trees is pretty low.
4. Some particle effects seems still costly. especially the blue smoke create by an enemy in nameless mountain.
5. Got frame stuck occationally in combat, especially hitting the enemy.

------ update -------
6. Noticed some geometries will fade out when camera move. This is a good idea which help players get more scene informations. But some times this feature cause wired look on screen, I wonder if it is possible to let those geometries become transparent, or you guys have any other ideas to improve this?

Appreciate your fantasitc works – love from China