Opinion On Unique Items After Obtaining All Of Them

There are 2 major problems I have with unique items.

  • All current ingame unique items are weapons and none of them are rings or armor. I would love to see some playstyle changing unique items that could provide stats such as “increase damage to enemis affcted by x elment” or “damage reduction icnreased by x%”
  • Most of current unique weapons feel underwhelming and not worth using at all, and even tho they have unique stats, those stats are in most cases just damage scalers and not an actual interesting stats that would attract people to use them, instead of having more damage on low life or to staggered enemies, how about we have: “this bow shoots 2 projectiles each hitting for 55% of damage” or “this great hammer builds stagger bar to everyone in huge radius around where it hits” or “this rapier has 5% chance to trigger a stab in heart for 300% damage and a full stagger if striking an enemy while facing them”

I’ve only received 3 unique items in 30ish hours of play, and I completely agree with them being underwhelming. In all 3 cases, they were worse than my existing gear.

Really like the potential modifiers you mentioned.

I like how rare they are, but the luck/work required to receive a unique item does not match the stats they come with