Opinion on city, housing and inventory management

Upgrading things so I don’t have my time wasted don’t feel good, things shouldn’t waste my time, this is a game, I’m playing it to have fun not do have to do chores first then have fun.

From my perspective the limited inventory just slows progression and adds no real value to my gameplay, the only reason I bought the house is cause I needed the additional storage. I’d rather not have a limit on inventory, and have the house for sharing and displaying items with other characters and players.
But if you want to keep the need to manage inventory it needs to be bigger and have more tabs to separate types of items, otherwise inventory will keep being a pain in the ass till you get a house, which cost 25 silver coins that won’t be going on upgrading gear, and even then I still have to run around to get the items there.
For me that just really feels very annoying, cause I have to spent time and sources to what is essentially a bigger inventory, doesn’t feel like progression, on the other side upgrading town buildings have better items for selling feels good(if it wasn’t for the time waiting thing).
Shortcuts like the elevator could use some specific item that you can get through exploration, right now they feel like they are slowing me down, just cause I rather upgrade the smith over some time saver, time savers in general don’t feel like progression, not having my time wasted is the minimum I expect it shouldn’t be an upgrade, put like a lever you can find to fix the elevator, something like, you get to the elevator and there’s a missing lever so you know you should look for one and maybe somewhere in the city or nearby you find it.