On Prioritizing Food slots

I’ve often found that when depleting a stack of food, the quick loadout (Up) will populate with a basic food instead of cooked food in my inventory. This was especially noticeable when i had a stack of 20 Crab Chowder and a 1 stack of Crab Chowder. I equipped the 1 to use the inventory slot up, but after eating it, the slot fell back to mushrooms.

I would have expected it to fall back to the same item, and the preferably, to another source of equivalent food (or any cooked food in general). I think the worst case is falling back to a high quality food you are trying to save, but thats still better than falling back to raw ingredients which are fundamentally a waste to eat, especially now that cooking ingredients are more abundant.

Thank you!

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Some way of either automatically prioritizing or manually prioritizing/de-prioritizing food type would be great. Frankly I never want the basic foods to show up on my quick food slot unless there’s no other choice. Mark as favorite perhaps?