On how to make resource gathering fun and context-sensitive actions

It seems like resource-gathering time was greatly reduced due to people finding it tedius and a waste of time. While reducing the time required to gather resources somewhat mitigates this issue, I think this only works as a band-aid rather than a real solution.
In Zelda Breath of the Wild, I never felt bored gathering resources, because it’s always an engaging activity. Be it hitting trees with my sharp weapons, or hitting ores with my hammers etc.
In Hollow Knight, I never grew tired of smacking geo deposits 8-10 times at a time because it just felt so damn satisfying to hit them.
I think a similar philosophy should be used here whereby players use their existing moveset to gather resources, rather than context-sensitive and boring actions;

  • Just using attacks to hit trees should cut them down like in BotW.
  • Just using attacks to hit ores should break them down, also like in BotW. Different weapons or jump attacks could do more damage to the ores to incentivize more engagement
    Some ores requiring upgraded pickaxes and whatnot could be reimplemented into some sort of a permanent skill you need to unlock to break apart the ores or something like that
  • Using jump attacks to dig rather than the context-sensitive unsatisfying shovel digging.

I realize as it is, jump attacks can’t just be used anywhere, so using them for things like digging and mining is not really viable, which brings me to my next point:

Make jumping manual and a separate button rather than context sensitive. This will make platforming much more fun and satisfying, and it will also add another dimension to the combat as well as traversal as a whole. As an avid fan of jumping in games, the lack of a jump button in this game really bums me out.