An Idea on how to improve the experience mining/logging/digging

The current system can be left intact but it is rather tedious and time consuming. Since this game is skill based it should have a timing mini game aspect while you’re gathering the resource. say if you time a chop perfectly it’ll fell the tree/ore/dig in one action. if you dont time it right you can do the slow spam system currently in place.


I like this idea as well, Fable used to have minigames for the tedious stuff like this and yes it’s just filler but it was kind of fun. Sort of like a rhythm game.

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Gathering is always going to be tedious. I don’t think the way to make it better is to make you have to pay more attention to what you are doing.

Make gathering faster and drop more per gather, and have fewer gathering nodes so I can spend more time exploring and fighting.

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i agree you can increase the amount of drops per node too, but you can keep the current system but simply have a timing meter built in for people who want to do a mini game

in a game that’s about timing and skill based why not right? just adds to the immersion of the game

Great idea, a sort of mini-game, almost like a perfect reload in other games.

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