Ok, NOW I'm going to let myself get excited :)

I don’t like to be a fanboi, and I know what it means to go into an Early Access (Beta) so I’ve been holding myself back…
I’ve loaded up on nibbles and a bottle of something nice, booked Friday off work and updated the graphics driver, but now it’s going to be very, very hard to get through tomorrows work day.
Good luck Moon, launch days are always tricky, and good luck my fellow gamers, though I won’t be seeing you in-game just yet.
I think I’ll be avoiding here, other than bug reports, and Reddit for the first few days as there’s always ‘someone’ who wants to vent their negativity around. You know them “I paid good money for this and it’s too <short; ugly; difficult; easy; whatever>” :slight_smile: but if, as I suspect, this will be a DamnedGoodGame I look forward to returning and helping us build a positive community.
See you on the other side fellow Cerim.


Also have high hopes for this one, the likes I haven’t since a very long time. I have to work though, so I will have to make up on the weekend.
Good luck to everyone, and have fun!

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You’re right, you don’t have to go through the game in 3 days and then scream I have nothing else to do. Try to enjoy the game.
I really wanted to discuss the latest trailer for the game, but things happened so fast that we’ll already be discussing the game itself starting today:)
You know, there are many social networks where the game is discussed. Maybe you could see more comments than me, and there are a lot of them. But according to the main ones that are written - it’s high price, system requirements, little content.
You know, there’s always someone who’s negative. You have to have patience, help with your answers, what the game includes and so on.
There are a lot of different players. Some of them know about Moon Studios games, other players don’t like early access, are afraid to buy the game because they don’t believe that a decent amount of content will be released, etc.
About system requirements - the game will still be optimized, improved. There will also be GFN support.
The content will already be 20-30 hours minimum.
Early access - by buying the game, you are supporting further improvements. Spending their years to make an art: to show how important it is to create games with such beautiful worlds, where there is no place for microtransactions, revolutionizes the genre, the idea of how important it is to create not just consumer content (like superhero movies or games where you don’t have think a lot), but to create soulful games. And that’s worthy of respect.
That is, the emphasis of negativity changes to general, but that way, if you like the game and you don’t criticize the trailer much, then you like the game overall.
I think it’s ok to post this, this information is public and taken from the steam db, it reflects that No Rest For The Wicked, at the time of writing this post, is the 20th most anticipated game on Steam with over 53k followers on Steam. And it feels good. Criticism deserves attention, what needs to be improved. But we need to not go over the edge.

I have just had a text informing me work have cancelled my shift for tonight. Normally i’d be annoyed :smile: :raised_hands:
Now I can spend all night getting frustrated by bugs, difficult moments, weird glitches and many other blood boiling things to get angry at…

and I CAN NOT WAIT bring it on never been so excited to play something as this.!!

Take my money Moon :moneybag: