Launch trailer video

Hoping for a smooth launch and wishing the best to the devs. See you 18th.


Nice trailer and thanks for those who dont like discord black hole and only track forum for new stuff.

Why this is not posted in Wicked News?


I think the topic will be moved there:) the author could have originally created it in that section and described what we saw new.
Re-watch the trailer at 0.25 speed, you should like it:)
Loved all the moments, but most of all on:
0:44 how he deftly cast the fishing rod far away;
1:03 jump;
1:17 - hopefully with his tail he can hit it too;
We saw more bosses, good thing they are feisty and want to punish.

As I’m getting older, I have less time for video games, so I only play the ones that are really interesting or special to me. I hope no rest for the wicked can become something I look forward to in my free time. I’ve been waiting for months! Every video we’ve gotten has basically been things we’ve already seen before, which makes me a little nervous, but I do have hope!


My thoughts as well! :sparkles:

I really hope the DEVs won’t try to please every single player, losing focus from their original idea. I’m looking forward to a unique and remarkable ARPG!

I also hope the DEVs won’t waste much of their talented resources on PVP gameplay, it’s not for the ARPG genre (anyone remember D4 pvp?..


Twinsies. I’m the same now. Diablo was such a letdown so I too have the hopes. I just want one fun game to play. I think this is it.

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