Oils potions make little sense

Right now both weapon oils and potions that give you stamina/posture and so on last very short time (~60sec I think?) meaning that you have to apply them right in the battle. However the problem is that animation for each is pretty long and given how commital fights are already it’s easier to not use those at all.

Would be great to have the effects last longer, say 3-5 minutes. Alternative option could be to have faster cast animation, but with how quick slots work it would still be troublesome to use both oils and potions.


It can be compared to Elden Ring consumables, they also have a short duration, sometimes a long application time, but players still use them without problems. What matter more is how useful they are, personally, I don’t find them very useful.
Maybe some adjustment to the numbers would help fix this, what do you think?

I agree with the feedback about quick slots, e.g. sometimes due to key bindings you can accidentally use the oil.

Been a while since I played Elden Ring, so my memory is rather fuzzy on details, but I never got impression it was that clunky to use there. I mostly used coatings and sometimes spells with similar effects.

For the effect strengh I agree. All of the oils/potions I got so far felt pretty weak (except focus restoration). Making them stronger could actually work, though I’m still hesitant because long animation lock does really tick me off :slight_smile:

PS for the quick slots I mostly meant it in a way that you can’t quickly cycle through multiple oils or I simply don’t understand how to do it. Similar thing was more intuitive in Elden Ring.

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