NPCs Won't Cross Bridges

I realize this might not be a bug per se (feel free to move the post if you need to), but I have no idea if the devs intend on fixing this. Doesn’t seem like it’d be tough to fix though.

NPCs, from what I’ve seen, will not cross bridges at all - like for example, the little bridges in the sewers area…or just any bridge in general.

This makes it easy to just pick them off from afar with arrows. I’ve exploited it a few times.

Yeah after the last patch they dont persue as much as they did before too, one way to kill those brothers at the beach is to draw them to the fort wall, they dont cross that gap and keep hitting each other as you approach.
I did notice some enemies just stuck in a loop when i shoot them with arrows too, Ai needs some love i guess.
I always liked games where if you agro the enemy he persue you for awhile at least, because that can lead to a whole mess of bandits after you, good for the mage i guess to one shot the whole map hehehe.