No limit or increase limit for stash / inventory


As it was and remains a problem in Diablo4 sometimes, we need more place in the inventory especially for all the ressources material… It’s so frustrating not to be able to pick up everything, like meat, and important ressources for later… It’s a “loot game”, those kind of limitation are not good for me. To be obliged to do several quests, just to have essential features of the game is not very appealing.

And how to have access to the stash ? I go in town, in the specific building and put everything in it, and now, for x quest reason, the building is not available, the door remains closed.

To have some stashs near important places, or Cerim Whispers…

Something like in Horizon Forbidden West ; all the item that can’t be in the inventory, will go directly in the stash…

Or a NPC or friendly beast/pet that pick up everything…

A lot of possibilities exist to ease the player experience.


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