No Cut-Scene / ability to progress after finishing "Of Rats & Raiders"?


  • I successfully defeated Darak and received the cut-scene with Winnick congratulating me and punishing Rattigan.
  • My in-game journal reflects this quest completion.
  • According to online playthroughs (YouTube), a follow-up cut-scene with Ellsworth in the city square should trigger next, after you exit the sewers.
  • This cut-scene hasn’t appeared, and I’m unable to progress the storyline to meet the Madrigal for “Servant of God”.
  • I’ve done about 15 laps in the city trying to trigger it / find Ellsworth.
  • I’ve spoken to Winnick again, but he only talks about his relationship with Odessa.
  • NPCs in the city square acknowledge Darak’s defeat, but there’s no option to trigger the Ellsworth cut-scene.
  • City Guards still won’t allow me to leave the city - “none may pass”.

Is this a known bug, or am I missing a specific step to initiate the Ellsworth cut-scene? Would be great to know how to progress the story as I am loving it!

How did you proceed? I have the same bug

If you haven’t completed the Servant of God quest then you don’t get the cutscene with Ellsworth.

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