Moving items in your home

Please give the ability to be able to just grab items and move them without them going back into inventory when moving chests/decor/furniture in the house. Especially chests, i removed most the items i thought i’ll need, and left a few vials etc that i dont ever use to test this, put the chest that was in one room in my home back in inventory (bc i wanted to move it) and upon placing it in a new position, all the items inside had disappeared completely.

Pls just give us the option to “grab and move” instead of the item going back to character inventory to then be placed elsewhere in the house.

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When grabbing a filled chest, all remaining items will automatically go into your inventory. I don’t know though what happens with the items if your inventory is full.

Oh really? Ill have to test it out again and see if that happens, i wasnt aware of that, thought they just magically deleted forever😂