Missing textures on Arc GPU

Hello, since the last driver update for Arc the game has been able to run but textures are missing. I have been able to enjoy the game a bit but the potion seller cave is impossible to complete (even if I got pretty far) as the bridges you are supposed to see are invisible.

I did try to upload a image but it failed so here is a imgur link instead: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I have uninstalled and installed the game. Cleared Intel shader cache for the game and tried different performance settings with restarts in between changes.

Other notable textures that are gone is most water and ground textures.

Here is the log file for when I took the above image: https://pastebin.com/raw/utD3xj4N


Still a issue after EA hotfix 3 ^^ Hoping for a driver update to fix perhaps :3

Edit: also a issue on hotfix 4 > .<

Still a issue in hotfix 5 :< Also with Arc driver 5445. Hopefully we’ll get a bigger revision soon

The missing textures where caused by a “adaptive tessellation” option in ARC drivers! Something I noticed after a DDU install of the driver as this is off by default.

I have posted about this to intel. It’s only a performance improvement setting and is pretty low prio!

After disabling adaptive tessellation in the driver, I was able to play for a long time without crashes :3

Hope they are working with them. We did not get any drivers from Intel, AMD or Nvidia that target the game so far.