Mechanic suggestion to improve upon durability

A lot of people seem to have issues with the durability system. This is understandable as it has been a point of contention in games like this for many years. I had a thought which might help those who feel the punishment is too great when deaths are accidental or happen during exploration. What if there was something like this:


  • Collect the resource from anything (defeating enemies, breaking down crafting mats, foodstuffs, broken crates, for exploring hidden areas, opening chests, etc.) .
  • 100 motes (arbitrary, could be any number) are equal to 1 free repair. Gathering the number necessary should require exploration, crafting, and combat. Possibly with exploration and crafting weighted to reward more motes than combat.
  • In higher levels, “Mote Jars” increase the number of repairs you can carry up to only a very limited number.

This would encourage people to explore and craft while easing the pain of an accidental death, especially fall-death during combat (ugh) while maintaining the mechanic of discouraging players to fight in areas that are to strong for them. It also continues the spirit of souls-like games without the punishing (or just imitative if you actually like it) xp loss.

So. Do you really want to take that boss on again? It kicked your ass, and so you used your motes. Better farm up elsewhere for awhile. Just fell off that turret you were sidling around because of a pathing weirdness? No worries! You had your motes. As long as you didn’t die because you’re just bad at walking, you’ll get through it this time. If it’s because you made an actual mistake, you lose your durability if you do it again and repeat the same bonehead move.

Just a thought. Don’t skewer me please. We’re all just trying to give helpful feedback rn. :slightly_smiling_face: